Question 01: What is a recycled cartridge?

Answer: Recycled cartridges sold by corporate resellers (stationers etc) are made by trade remanufacturers in Eastern Europe and Asia to a lower price and specification, so they can factor in a profit margin for their resellers. Due to recycling of used empties, cartridge imaging components in these trade cartridges have exceeded their design life often several times, which means failure rates of 15% or higher. Sometimes higher failure rates are accepted as a compromise for lower box price, but this can quickly become a false economy.
Question 02: Why do remanufactured cartridges cost so much less than originals?

A : Originals cost more because of their strong branding and the fact that suppliers such as HP or Xerox will offer to sell their printers at very tight margins. This is to try and ensure patronage of their consumables as this is where they make their profits.
Question 03: Are remanufactured cartridges as good as original cartridges?

A : In the case of the Vitesse range, they are as good. That is because we have built the Vitesse product to the same high specification as the OEM. We have mirrored the OEM process which means our cartridges are virtually the same as originals although a lot more environmentally friendly. We do not set the Vitesse product against trade recycled or remanufactured cartridges, rather we sell against the OEM marketplace.
Question 04: What is a Vitesse remanufactured cartridge or toner?

A : In essence a brand new cartridge! Every part of a Vitesse cartridge from the wiper blade, drum unit, recovery blade to the developer roller are virgin components. The only part that is used again (but only once) is the outer casing. All Vitesse products are built to OEM specification.
Question 05: Do Vitesse cartridges last as long as original cartridges?

A : Vitesse cartridges have been remanufactured to give the same page yield as OEM. In some cases the Vitesse cartridge has performed above the OEM yield life. A good example is a 10,000 yield HP cartridge with the Vitesse equivalent cartridge performing at 10,600 page level.
Question 06: What guarantee do I get on the Vitesse range?

A : All Vitesse products are guaranteed for life. No OEM supplier can offer this promise. The reason Vitesse offers this guarantee is because we are so confident that every Vitesse cartridge will perform to the OEM standard.
Question 07: What happens if I am not happy with a Vitesse product?

A : If any Vitesse customer is unhappy with one of our products they will receive a full refund or an exchange of product if so desired.
Question 08: Will buying Vitesse cartridges affect the warranty on my printer?

A : No. In buying a Vitesse cartridge, you are effectively covered by LaserLife, a division of Vitesse, who are the largest printer maintenance company in the UK. If in the unlikely event that one of our products causes a problem to one of your machines, we will cover this via LaserLife at no charge to yourselves.
Question 09: What other products and services can Vitesse offer?

A : Vitesse is a one-stop shop. No other supplier can offer remanufactured cartridges, printer maintenance, paper products, stationery, business machines, furniture, refurbished printers, print, hardware, software or an MFD solution under one umbrella. For further information on exactly what Vitesse can supply your company please call us on 020 7357 7888.
Question 10: I am wary of new suppliers. How solid a company is Vitesse?

A : Vitesse has been established since 1991 and is one of the largest independent office product suppliers in the UK, with double digit multi-million pound turnover. It has no shareholders and is privately owned which means there is no pressure on the company to raise or increase profits especially in times of recession. And because of this Vitesse has been working in partnership with the majority of their customers for a very long time.